Thursday, 2 May 2019


I know a lot of weird factoids I'm not sure why I know.

Like, I saw a cool vehicle the other day and my brain said "oh, that's a Ranchero."  It was, but why did I know that?  I mean, I like old cars, but.... that was weird. 

And I know the manager/coach of Liverpool (football team)'s name and I'm not sure why as I don't really follow all that closely.

And then at the same time I can't remember what day my friend said she was going away.  So like, you know.... Ranchero for the win?


Jason Langlois said...

Recognizing a Ranchero isn't that weird. I mean, they're like a El Camino, but different. And we don't see a lot of them around.

But knowing the manager/coach of Liverpool FC? Who even are you? ;)

Victoria said...

I have no idea anymore ;)