Monday, 6 May 2019

My Odd Little Brain

My half awake morning brain (as in my brain when I'm still sleeping but not in a deep sleep before I wake up) has been thinking some funny things lately.

Like, the other day, it came up with "zombie acne" as the most frightening thing.  Like... zombies with zits?  It was so scary at the time that I had to wake myself up to get out of that terrifying thought.  (And then I woke up more and just kind of laughed because.. really?)

And then this morning two people in my dream were being SO rude to each other I just had to wake up.  And by "rude" I mean they were using language like "jerk" or "you're lame".... so, you know, not ACTUALLY all that rude.

I guess I have to hope that no zombies with pimples start to speak and tell me I am a jerk or I might just lose my mind, heh.

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