Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Since Then

I've since dealt with my insurance people and I'm not sure I'll actually be going ahead with a claim at this point.  Turns out that it's covered by my house (apartment) insurance rather than car insurance and so my deductible is not much less than I figure I lost, so I'm going to find out if I'd be penalized for making the claim and then I'll go from there.

Which also sucks.

I do believe in insurance, but this hasn't been the greatest learning experience in terms of "oh... this is the reality of how an insurance company *makes* money.... sigh" and the whole "they're not really on your side" feeling is real.

And I feel stupid for how little I know about these processes, and all the questions I haven't asked.  And I realized if my home was burgled I would have no idea where to start on what's in there (other than I have a rider for my laptop as it's leased and they suggested I do that).  I didn't even have a serial number for the GPS, although thankfully my computer program did. 

I'm still going through so many feelings and emotions. 

It was hard getting in my car and driving it yesterday. 

And it's hard not knowing if it will happen again.

I've since talked to some neighbours, they all ask "was it locked?" yes "does it have an alarm?" yes.  Oh.  Yeah. 


So, yeah, icky feeling.  While still knowing I'm lucky.  But I can't really control my mind or feelings.  Nor do I really want to.

I'm just all over the place and I'd like to go back to feeling safe and ignorant.



Elliott said...

Dealing with insurance and those feelings is not fun. Our son was rear ended a couple of weeks ago, and while he is fine, our car needs repairing. It's so frustrating knowing that one minute the car is worth $x and then BOOM, it's not now.

We've had cars broken into 4 times in the last three years, and the feelings of intrusion and not safe are really and not fun. The insurance company does not like us right now.

I hope you get your feelings of safety come back quickly.

Victoria said...

Thanks Elliott. And no, it's not fun, and the whole insurance situation doesn't help anything, although I do understand their position I suppose. Glad your son's ok. Hugs.