Friday, 22 November 2019

Bodies are So Weird! Also, WHY?

So in the ongoing saga of "why my body do dat?" I was sitting there last night on my couch as always, when I got up to get a drink of water.

Or, what I should say is I got up to attempt to get a drink of water because my right hip went NO!

And then I swear it started laughing hysterically.

So, really, I swear, out of nowhere, because I wasn't sitting oddly, I hadn't been doing funky stretches or anything, so just out of nowhere my hip hurt.

Like, actually sore to touch kind of hurt and it was hard to hobble to the kitchen and back and I was like what the actual eff is going on here?

So I got some, whatever you call it, pain relief cream and I rubbed that on (going "ow, ow" the whole time) and then I stuck my hot water bottle on the hip and knock on wood it's ok this morning?

But I'll be taking it easy on things just in case because if something somehow decided to be irritated or swollen or WHATEVER! I do want it to get to rest.

But geez... really?  Why???

(It'd be a lot easier if I could trace it to something, just saying!)


Jason Langlois said...

That's an impressive doll then!

Victoria said...

Voodoo doll? You must be right!