Tuesday, 12 November 2019

That Was.... Bad

Jason and I went for a drive up Island this weekend.  We haven't managed to get away in quite a while, so while the weather was still nice, we headed to somewhere a few hours away.

And, I'm afraid to say, I got extremely car sick.

Now, I've always gotten car/motion sick, ever since I was a kid, just ask my parents.  But since adulthood (honestly, since I was old enough to know) I've figured out ways to combat it, or at least manage it if it comes up.

There are some drives on this Island that are quite windy, and when you combine windy with treed (no "distance" to look into) it can be not a good combo.

But we've done this drive before and I was prepared with a bottle of 7Up (it helps settle things) and once we got through the main curvy part I thought I'd made it, just like most of the other times we've gone on that route.

But then, it got really bad.  Or, I did.  I can not honestly remember a time, certainly not with Jason, that I was ever that car sick.

When I was little, I'd get nauseated and then throw up and it was gross and no fun.  But this time it was just nausea and dizziness and just pure misery.  By the time we got near to our destination, I had been practically crying from it for nearly an hour and a half, and it was so bad that I couldn't even turn my head to the side to look out the window.  It was honestly pretty upsetting as I can't remember it ever having been that bad before, or certainly not in a long time.  I think the last time I was that upset during travel was when I had a stomach bug and had to fly home... that was miserable.  But this time, maybe because I wasn't expecting it?  It was really really awful.

We got to our destination and it took me a while to settle down and I just kept apologizing to Jason and saying that that was "really bad... wow".

I took a Gravol for the drive back, just in case, although I feel like I rarely get motion sick on the drive home, who knows why... but damn y'all, that was really really bad.

In retrospect, I maybe should have asked him if I could drive for a while, because I don't get motion sick when I'm driving.  Or maybe I should have taken a gravol when we had our first pee break, but I really did think I'd be fine as I've never dealt with anything like that on that drive before.

It's certainly going to make me rethink things if we decide to go that route again.... I have no idea why it was so bad this time, but I do not ever want to do that again.  (And I do not like taking gravol as I get kind of out of it/sleepy and it's not enjoyable either, but the lack of nausea is so....)

(Even just writing about it has made me queasy!)


Jason Langlois said...

I wonder what it is about the act of driving that helps combat the nausea. I often get queasy in the passenger seat on long drives, too. And I have a friend who has the same problem, so when we do longer trips, we swap off in the driver seat so we share the "love".

And why is it the drive there is always worse than the drive back?

No answers today - just questions and a heartfelt hug.

Victoria said...

The internets says that driving is "better" because you (and your brain) are anticipating the motion in some way? And I have no idea about the drive back!!!!

Sorry you get ick too!

Jason Langlois said...

Oh, that would make sense - motion sickness is apparently your inner ear moving in ways that your brain doesn't know how to interpret (like with sea sickness), so I suppose your brain "knowing" what's going on would help.

Victoria said...

*thumbs up emoticon here* ;)