Wednesday, 4 December 2019

I Noticed A Thing

One thing that I have always done at this time of year, no matter how I've felt about the specifics of this time of year, is I've always had a chocolate advent calendar.

You know the ones I mean?  A Christmas-y scene with 24 (or is it 25?  I'd have to get up and look) little doors that you open on each day and there's a little shaped chocolate inside.  It has always been one of my favourite things... just think, a treat every day!  Awesome!

This year though I couldn't find the usual ones.  I could find a lot of pricey ones mind you... twelve to twenty bucks for "fancy" chocolate or even cheeses or other non chocolate things, but I could not find the cheap, barely actually chocolate ones. 

As we got to the end of November, I asked C-Dawg if she'd seen any and she actually texted on the 30th letting me know that one store by the mall had them so I went and got myself some but there were none in any of my regular locations.  The grocery store only had expensive ones.  London Drugs only had expensive ones.  It's almost as if they either sold out in early November, which, I suppose is possible, but I was looking out for them as soon as the Christmas decorations started going up, or as if the stores didn't bring them in this year.

If I knew the company that usually makes them I'd look them up and see but y'all, it was weird!  The ones I did get will suffice, but they're not the ones I'm used to and I'm sort of wondering if anyone else noticed this missing or if it was just me or what on earth it was?


Jason Langlois said...

I've noticed the same thing - LEGO advent calendars, expensive chocolate, wacky candy, etc. etc. But a basic, cheap dollar-store style calendar I've not seen this year.

Victoria said...


Anonymous said...

I got ours ($1) chocolate advents at Walmart Nanaimo on Saturday. They had cases of them & they are actually labelled Great Value (generic walmart) even though previously they were an actual brand & the pictures on the front are the same as always.So maybe try a walmart near you?

Victoria said...

I did Brandi! But I don't go in a lot so I may have missed my window ;) But good to know for next year for sure :D

Jonathan said...

We got "fancy" ones for the kids, and they were uniformly dreadful inside - it appears the companies that make them have started cutting corners all over the place. Can't beat a cheap chocolate advent calendar though :)

Victoria said...

Interesting! I did get a "fancy" Dairy Milk one here and it is really beautifully done inside, but yeah... the cheap chocolate ones are the way to go ;)