Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Grump. Ugh

I keep waking up in not so good moods lately.  Like, grumpy, or sad, or anxious, or in the case of one day last week, utterly furiously mad.  It's not fun!

I can probably put it down in part to not feeling like I have much to look forward to these days, as well as some specific things stressing me out.  And "winter blues" as they call them... those too.

Jason mentioned the other day that he knows I've been depressed since Christmas and I sort of went "huh?  I have?"  but I suppose that's not too far of a stretch.  It was a hard one this year with the family stuff I only half mentioned, and I haven't taken the time to really process it or deal with it or even really talk to anyone about it.  (Although when I mention it to friends they all nod and say "yeah, it's hard isn't it?" so I know it's not just a me thing....)

I do try to beat those blue mornings when they come but damn if it isn't an icky way to start the day.  And if, heaven forbid, I have a poor sleep on top of that?  Well then we best just call it a day and not interact with any other humans because no one needs to deal with that!  Not even me!

Sigh.  *Knock on wood*  for good sleeps and happy, or at least neutral, mornings.


Jason Langlois said...

Good sleeps for sure!

I do find it hard to stay "up" this time of year. Looking forward to more light.

Victoria said...

Seriously! There are some nights where it's 7:30 and I'm like can I not go to bed already???