Monday, 13 January 2020

Such A Weird Brain!

So I had a dream last night that I was out this morning clearing the snow from the sidewalks because Hey it snowed!!!! (in real life!!!) and because or building manager rarely does and someone reminded me last night that it's technically the law to do so for your building/home.  So, yeah, in this dream, I was out with this shovel brush (which I don't own in reality) and no, I'm not sure if it was a shovel or a brush, it was a dream magic tool and I cleared the sidewalks yay me! 

But as I was coming in, my building manager (woman) and another woman who was, in the dream, another manager and a man (also a building manager in the dream) were being escorted out of the building, the two ladies hadn't had time to put their tops on and all three of them looked rather disheveled and I was like OMG they were having sex?????

So, yeah... that's a dream that happened, I can't even?!

And yeah, it snowed and is pretty damn cold here today, and we shall see what the day brings weather and safety wise!

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