Monday, 27 April 2020

Glares At Self

I hope none of you have stomach issues, and so can't relate to this....  but I'm seriously sitting here on Sunday morning (as I write this) and I KNEW if I ate what I did it would upset my stomach like 98.5% sure... and I ate it anyway... and now I'm sitting here with an upset stomach and it is really completely totally my fault and so there's nothing I can blame except me.


But yes, the thing I shouldn't have eaten tasted very good at the time I ate it.  And no, I don't want any more of it any time soon because bleargh.  But, yes, I will likely risk it at some future point because while I may be smart, I can also be dumb.

Le sigh.  I should maybe put myself in a corner for a time out or something.... but it kind of feels like the upset stomach is enough "punishment" for now.

Sorry me.

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