Friday, 22 May 2020


So.... after I wrote yesterday's post (because spoiler, I'm not coherent enough in mornings to write, so I write and then set to post in the morning) I actually got changed and went outside for a walk.  It was kind of interesting actually.

I'm not sure if it was saying my fears out loud or saying how hard it is out loud but suddenly I was like "I can do this" or "I'm not going to hold myself back!" or something.  It was nice.  Nice to be honest, even if it felt not nice to do so.

But yeah, I got outside for a walk, not terribly far mind you but that's not the point.  I found a little park area I'd forgotten about and I sat under a tree for a while and watched some of the other people who were doing the same and I watched some dogs and wished I could hug them (the dogs mainly, not the people, although there are some people I really would love to hug of course!) and I listened to my music and then I walked back home and washed my hair (which always feels nice after, even though my hair can take a while to dry and all that jazz.)  So I'm glad I was honest and I'm glad it helped me feel like getting out there.

Who knows for today, but there was at least that yesterday, right?  Right.

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