Friday, 26 June 2020


I managed to get my bank stuff done yesterday.

I was a little better prepared for it, both mentally and physically. 

I dressed better for the weather.  I went in earlier in the day (half an hour after opening) which meant the streets were a bit quieter and there were fewer people in line (I was actually the first in line outside when I arrived.)

Since there were fewer people around, I kept my back to the street (and sun) and kept my mask off until I got called in.  I also brought the pair of cotton gloves rather than the plastic ones.  (I might buy more.  They're awkward for things like taking a card out of your wallet but good for other things like using a pen or something... and washable and reusable... so...)

I'd also talked to the bank on the phone and they'd put a note on my file for what to do (as apparently it's not something they do very often - part of why I had to go inside to do it rather than doing it by phone or online.)

On my way back, I kept my mask on until I could get to the less crowded sidewalks and I took a different route home that avoided the "busier" street I'd gone down the day before.

I still didn't like it and it stressed me out and I was miserable and grumpy that morning before I went but hey, the thing is done, I did what I could to reduce my contact and to hopefully not accidentally get anyone else sick if I'm asymptomatic, so... that's just that.

I really really don't know how to move forward with life right now but I keep reminding myself to just focus on today and let the future happen when it's "today".  So... I'm working on that.

But yeah, that banking experience was very much not my favourite thing. 

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