Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Noisy Noisy Noisy

The building next to us put up a bird-scaring "kite" device a few weeks ago.

It was pointed out to me by a neighbour who was terribly excited that it would keep the seagulls away and I politely said "uh huh" and continued to watch the seagulls fly on by.

To be fair, I think they *may* have stayed away for a day or two, and I'm not sure I've seen the small birds I'm used to (but that also may just be seasonal as the berry bushes are flowering now.... who knows).  But after maybe two weeks the seagulls were back to their loud morning noises and, well, I hope they didn't pay too much for their kite?  Or maybe the kite isn't for the noise it's to keep birds off of their roof rather than "away"?  Don't know, not privy to that information but my neighbour certainly thought and hoped it would keep them and the noise away.

Fast forward (or, technically, reverse) to Sunday morning.

I was awakened, really bleeping early, by some serious seagull yelling.  Like just SUPER loud and SUPER annoying and SUPER early.  By the third round of this I finally got out of bed and looked up to see what they were fighting over and, well, um.... I've now seen seagull sex.  AWKWARD!

But, yeah, apparently seagulls mating are very loud, or at least these ones were, and they just didn't care about the "anti seagull" device so, you know that was actually pretty funny.

I guess I've now checked something off my list of things I never really needed to see. 

Loud, you guys.... loud and annoying.


Jason Langlois said...

No one needs to see seagulls mating. That's not on anyone's bucket list.

But yeah, if there's any bird that doesn't care about anti-bird measures its seagulls. Or possibly pigeons, but I think seagulls for sure.

Victoria said...

I'd admire their determination and non-caring manner if they weren't so noisy when I'm trying to sleep!!!