Friday, 14 August 2020


I watched "Immigration Nation" last week - a show about the U.S. Immigration system.  It was a hard watch, but also informative.

I then, unexpectedly, had two nights worth of nightmares from it.

The first night I had to swim in a "pool" of "death" with lots of bones and it was freezing (I think I was cold in bed having my light summer coverings on) and when I woke up and realized what I'd been dreaming it was pretty easy to relate it to the show and the episodes talking about the folks who die in the desert in their attempts to illegally enter the US.

The second night was a far more direct correlation.  In the dream, I.C.E called me saying they were outside my door ready to deport me.  I told them they had the wrong number as I was a) in Canada and b) no one was near my building.  So they then transferred me to someone else to find out who I actually was and I think in the dream I was like "I don't have to tell you that" but yeah, the summary was US Immigration mistaking me for someone living in the States and me being annoyed but not surprised at the screw up.

But yeah, I didn't expect the show to give me actual bad dreams, or to use the dreams to process stress or whatever. 

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