Saturday, 12 September 2020

The Conversations

I noticed that schools went back this week.  Or at least the newspaper/media articles saying that schools went back this week made me notice.  Not really the point.  More that it got me thinking.

Because school this year is... weird.  Because pandemic.

And not only that, but masks during this pandemic.  Or lack thereof.

It made me wonder how you explain things to a younger person, like a little or medium sized one, you know... how do you explain that say your family is wearing masks for these reasons but other families may not be wearing masks.

How do you explain that not everyone agrees or what do you even explain and maybe if I was a parent I'd know you just have these conversations as they come up and you do the best you can but I feel like right now there's a lot I'd not really know how to try to explain, in "kid terms" to younger people.  I mean heck, I'm not even sure I know how to talk about it in "adult terms" to adult people.  You know?

Everything's so extra weird.