Thursday, 22 October 2020

A(n Over-reactive?) Stress

One of the things I know I'm struggling with in this current pandemic world is the lack of... hmmm... consistency? between how people are handling things.

I'm talking specifically right now about how people are handling "getting sick".

I'll give you some anecdotal examples....

One person I know over on the mainland has posted about getting tested a few times now (twice that I know of) and his last post was along the lines of "had a bad headache so went for testing" and my experience with getting tested last Spring was "any cold/flu like symptoms, even mild, should be tested and should be self isolating".  They even had me isolate until my cold was completely free of symptoms even though I tested negative for Covid itself.

But other folks I know have a cold and got it from work (one assumes) and aren't getting tested because they're confident it's "just a cold".  Which, honestly it probably is looking at the case numbers where they live and their precautions (masks, etc.) But both of these example situations are in the same province, so is there not consistent messaging about how to handle illness?  Or are people making their own judgement calls based on their level of concern?

My anxiety, of course, runs away with this line of questioning and extrapolates to "BAD THINGS" and I know we weren't sure how this "cold and flu" season would play out with the addition of this pandemic...

I also know that there isn't much we can get "everyone" to agree on or feel the "same way" about so this is human nature.  

Were we all on more similar pages when we were told to lockdown?  I'm not sure because I wasn't talking to folks about things (as I was too terrified of it all).  I dunno man... this is all just so messy and unclear and new and I get that we're all just doing the best we can with this whole "never been done before" situation.  I'm just saying that I'm getting stupidly extra stressed over the fact people are reacting and choosing differently.

And yes, I'm aware that's just life but it doesn't mean it doesn't stress me the heck out.

If everyone would just do exactly what I think they should do at all times I'd be a lot calmer you guys!!!


(And yes, I say that jokingly... but still, it'd be nice... for me at least!)


Jason Langlois said...

The approach is definitely ad hoc, but I think that might just be out of fatigue.

Victoria said...

I was thinking that fatigue might be a part of it. I know I'm feeling "done"...