Friday, 20 November 2020

Um, No Thanks!

My dream last night/this morning was quite a muddle...

See, I was a high school student again,  but as an adult.  That makes NO sense I know, but it did at the time.  Like, I/we for SURE are in high school and high school aged but I/we looked like... now.  But it wasn't weird, it just was (thanks brain.)

And we were back in school after ages off and we were all SO happy to see each other we were hugging and crying and it was in the middle of all this wonderful feeling of getting to see each other again and hug and connect that I realized it was still a pandemic and in the dream I sort of started to panic and say "we're supposed to be wearing masks!  You guys!!!" and then I woke myself up cuz it was now a stressful unhappy dream but... what?

High school?  Adult?  Not supposed to be hugging, supposed to be wearing masks... I mean I get that part - missing connection and all but the high school part is a bit beyond my guesses.  (Maybe times were simpler?)

I would NOT like to be a high school student right now, that's for sure.  Even pre-pandemic - the social media stuff and just... so many things I'm incredibly grateful did not exist when I was a teen.

Dreams are weird.  Not happy dreams are extra weird!

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