Wednesday, 9 December 2020


"There are different types of tired."

This is what I find myself thinking this morning.  Different kinds of tired.  Different tireds?

I say this because I'm tired this morning but it is not the same tired I had last night.  

Last night I was physically tired, "bone tired" was the term I used although that was just what popped into mind from those old timey movies and such, I dunno...

It was hard to move last night.  It was like my body just didn't want to.  My legs kept feeling like they were going to cramp and they were sore and I wondered if I hadn't stretched enough after my walk or if I hadn't had enough water or what.  I thought eating might perk me up but nope.  Maybe all that digesting tipped my body over into a WE DON'T WANNA sort of tired tantrum but yeah I was physically tuckered out last night.  And sore.  I worried a bit that I might be coming down with something.... hopefully not.

I took an extra magnesium and then I took a Robaxacet and so now this morning I had a hard time waking up and I'm tired but my body's feeling ok, just tired.  Like no pain or discomfort and it's probably the drugs in my system just dragging me down kind of tired.

So it's like there's sleep tired.  Not enough or too much.  And there's body tired, which also can be not enough (movement) or too much or somewhere in between.  There's doing something tired and doing nothing tired.  There's mentally tired.  Drained.  Emotionally tired.  From stress.  There's depression tired.  Slammed from panic/anxiety exhausted.  I'm sure I could keep going... But yeah, my tired from this morning is not the same tired as I had last night.  Different kinds of tired.

Here's to hopefully waking up a bit more!

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