Friday, 5 February 2021

Oh Man!

You guys should totally be in my head in bed at night (often while I'm reading) as that's when my brain writes the best posts!  

I swear, they're like meaningful and use all good word order real proper like and, so yeah, if you could just... you know, pop into my head most nights you'd get super good posts!

And it's funny because I kind of wonder if that kind of technology is being created or tested as we speak... I hope not, but you have to imagine if I've had the thought, someone else has and, well, people like to try things.

I know I could stop reading and take some notes but at that time of night my focus is on winding down for sleep (usually while enjoying whatever book).

I did something similar on a walk today - was writing something as I walked.  I considered stopping and finding like a voice to text app or something (I'm sure my phone has one or a recording app or something) but instead, I just kept walking and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.


Happydog said...

I’ll often write stuff in my head! I used to give myself grief about this but I just decided meh that’s the way I write a first draft. Also someone on Twitter asked if people hear a voice in their head when they read. I thought I was a great question. I realized I hear a neutral voice but I also see pictures of the scenes. Which I never realized before. You?

Victoria said...

Hi HD!! :)

That is a good question... hmmm... I think if I think on it any voice I hear is either mine, or like you said a "neutral" one? (I think it's mine though). Do I see pictures of scenes? I never really thought about it... yes? Funny, I'll probably pay more attention to it now just to find out :)

Jason Langlois said...

I've long wanted a 'just before I fall asleep' transcription machine!

Victoria said...

Right? ;)

Happydog said...