Saturday, 27 March 2021


So very much a "first world problem" y'all but I'm having issues with my toilet paper!

No, no, not the "why are people hoarding this OMG?!!" that we had a year or so ago (that was so so weird... so weird.) but like I got an off batch or something?

See, since the hoarding weirdness of last year I have kept a little more on top of my toilet paper buying, as in I buy when I'm about half way out rather than on the last roll or two.... that kind of thing.  Not that these details matter because the issue is that I have a batch that just... IS WRONG!

So I always get the same kind, same brand, whatever.  So it's not like I suddenly bought something different.

But for whatever reasons, this bunch... the ply comes apart (which isn't a big issue at all) (two ply BTW) but the bottom layer STICKS to the layer beneath it!  ARGH.  I don't think I can explain it properly enough but it means that every time I want some TP, I have to carefully pick up the two, now separated layers and rip/unstick the bottom one or else it turns into this weird mess and it's just a disaster waiting to happen!  OH, and??? The two layers don't match up, so when you rip off your amount, they don't rip together so it's gotta be like not a miss-print but a miss.... smush the ply together?  I mean the company probably would want to know about the issue but I have no idea when I bought this so I'd be writing them to say hi, at some point in the last uh... unknown number of months, I bought a pack of your tp and it's weird and annoying and I thought you should know even though I have no information to tell you other than I bought it on Vancouver Island at some point since lockdown last year the end!

And of course this batch is interspersed in my closet with another batch and so I'll go happily through a roll, forgetting about the issue and then I put on a new roll, innocent and fresh and STIIIIIIICKKKKKKK RIIIIIIIPPPPPP ARGH!

Because I'm not going to be wasteful and throw it out or anything and it's more of an annoyance than an actual issue but damn.... annoying toilet paper is annoying!


Jason Langlois said...

I have had that problem as well, and feel that frustration.

Victoria said...