Sunday, 14 March 2021

Well, You Probably Know What This Post Is About!

I have traditionally not done well with the time changes as an adult.  

I say "as an adult" because I don't seem to remember them as a kid... shrug.

A few weeks ago, I read a random article about someone dealing well with time changes when travelling (back when people travelled a lot for work....) And they said that their friend just accepted the time and didn't compare it to whatever time they thought it should be or whatever time it "should" be wherever they were coming from.  Just... it's this time, the end.

So I'm going to try that this year.  Like, right now it's 10am.  The end.  Yes I'm tired, because I had a poor sleep and a late night but it's 10am.  That's all.  

So... knowing that things may not feel right this week (the sudden "light out later" effect and all that kind of stuff) I'm going to just try to be like "that's how it is" rather than my usual (which I've already done this morning" BUT IT'S ACTUALLY THIS O'CLOCK!!!!

Hope your week goes well... And it's just the time it is.

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