Friday, 21 May 2021

The Cascade Continues

Back to my post about the domino-effect-cascade of anxiety, I've just found out about another issue.


I mean, yes, I know I wake up some mornings with a bad headache and figure I've been grinding/clenching that night (I have a guard) but just back from the dentist and apparently at least one of my teeth is cracked from it.  Cracked from the grinding/clenching, which is from stress and anxiety.  BIG SWEAR WORD.

I already got a crown on a front tooth from this a few years ago and that's when we got me wearing a heavier night guard than I'd been wearing so for there to be another cracked tooth?  I'm choked.

I'm WORKING on making this anxiety go away and on changing my reactions and responses, I am!  And it's difficult.  And yet I'm still trying.  And this is yet another physical reason to not carry so much stress and anxiety.  Sigh.

The dentist did say that a lot of folks are coming in with more of these kinds of issues with the added stress of the pandemic.  Not that that makes me feel any better, but I guess I'm glad we have ways to try to help, like the night guards.


I have a few teeth to observe on top of the one that's already cracked and I'm so not happy and really really wishing teeth grew back and self healed, you know?


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