Monday, 7 May 2007


My computer is in the shop.

The team I adore is out of the playoffs.

I will be changing job titles again in a few months.

Smith and I are "taking a break".

Yeah, like how I threw that last one in there?

I was all tears last night and this morning and feeling like I'd never make it through when I got an email back from one of my close friends. She wanted me to know that her sister, who was seven months pregnant, is now, out of nowhere, in the ICU and maybe not going to make it.

Suddenly, I have nothing to complain about.


How lucky am I to be here with all these ridiculous things to "feel bad" about?

It really gave me some perspective.

Go hug your loved ones and smile and find something funny to do or read or watch. Take a minute out of your day to enjoy being alive.

That's an order.

Or maybe it's just strong advice.

You know, from a single girl.
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