Friday, 1 June 2007


That sound you hear is me yelling at myself for not wearing my glasses to the gym.

Which, you know, I never do, but man. I so should have today.

I was all mellowing out in the stretching room when a guy walked in. He was cute in a can't really see him kind of way with longish hair, blah blah blah, right?

See, I have a terribly light prescription, I don't even really need to wear my glasses so I don't. But it means that I can't clearly make out the features of someone on the far side of a room.

Like this dude.

So as I was leaving the room he was heading back into the room carrying this big heavy weight. I kind of moved out of the way to let him in and he stopped to let me out. I glanced up at him and, I swear, I froze.

"Go ahead" he says, smiling, with these lovely blue eyes framed in his gorgeous face and his longish hair pushed back off his forehead....all the while holding this heavy weight just so little old me can leave the room. Sigh.

I smiled and said thank you and walked out and had to stop myself from turning around and going back in just to ask him if he knows just how good looking he is.

So, as I floated out to my car I told myself that if I'd seen earlier just how hot he was I might have been more prepared to actually speak to him or something like, you know, flirty. As it was, I was too stunned by the gorgeosity that I didn't manage much more than a smile and a "Thanks".

Which, you know, is better than I might have done, considering!

You know, he could have been this guy's brother or something.



Blogger Victoria said...

Hello. I'm leaving another comment for me because, well, no one else has and the posts get oh so very lonely when un-commented upon!

Monday, June 18, 2007 6:07:00 pm  

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