Wednesday, 14 May 2008

They say that you're growing the most when you're struggling.

Or that you know you're changing when things are difficult. Or challenging. Uncomfortable.

They say that changing habits and patterns involves growing new neural pathways and that that's hard; feels odd.

No wonder children cry so much. It must all just feel so odd sometimes.

I've been going through a lot of personal. . .whatever you want to call it these past few years and I'll be the first to say it's not easy. And it's not exactly fun, either.

Some of it has been documented, in part, here, with the hope that something I say will resonate with someone out there and will help them in some way. I like that about the internet; you can connect with people through words and you realize that we're all not so very different in some ways, while still being utterly unique creatures.

I find that I'm just a little low at the moment. It feels like every time I get into a relationship situation it throws me back a bit and I lose some of what I'd gained in terms of being truer to myself and being happier. Calmer. More grounded and centered.

I think now, more than ever, I need to be single. Very single.

And that's going to have to be ok.
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