Tuesday, 28 July 2009

You Know It's Hot When. . .

Now, I'm not complaining here (not being one to complain about the weather, rather one to enjoy it for what it is knowing that soon enough it'll be something else, know what I mean?) but we's in the middle of a heat wave round these here parts. Wooee!

See, my apartment's not air conditioned. Neither is my work (spy bat caves are hotter than you'd think). The mall is, but as I found yesterday, wandering the mall means I end up buying things and that's not great in the long run.

Part of the gym is air conditioned, and I know this because I sent myself there today figuring that if I was going to be hot and sweaty, I may as well get some exercise out of it (please ignore the fact that I could totally make a sex related joke here). I then came home, hot and sweaty but having breathed cool air for a while and took a cold shower.


Now I'm sitting here with two fans doing their thing, barely any clothing, and a damp cloth on the back of my neck.

It's actually warm when I take it off after a few minutes.

It's not the heat that I have trouble with, it's the lack of air. I'm not fond of stuffy. Hence the fans! Ta da!

So, yeah.

It's hot, peeps.

*Starts singing obscure musical songs, then adds this video so you can play along at home*

HMV 193 Gramophone, 78 RPM, Too Darn Hot


Blogger Victoria said...

Can breathe air again! There is a breeze! HURRAH!

Friday, July 31, 2009 5:20:00 pm  

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