Saturday, 24 October 2009

The Reason Angels Can Fly is Because They Take Themselves Lightly

Unrelated thoughts flying and fluttering through my mind:

- So You Think You Can Dance always always always introduces me to wonderful new songs. The Cinematic Orchestra is the latest such introduction. Awesome.

- Nice people make me smile.

- I think I've finally found a nail polish colour I could wear every day. Now if only it would stay unchipped for more than two days in a row.

- I have the deepest paper cut ever. Seriously. I think my thumb might split in two. Gross, right?

- Sometimes I run into an old post of mine when searching for something and I really like what I've had to say. Makes me think I should sit down one of these days and re-read my life.

- Now that's a weird thought.

- Sometimes I forget it's 2009.

- I think it's because my car's from the future.

- TGISaturday

- Technically, the first CD I ever bought was "Houses of the Holy" I bought it out of someone's locker at school because he didn't want it anymore. This proves my awesomeness, no?

- The first CD I ever bought for reals was "Nevermind". I bought it at A&B Sound. No one was really sure about the whole "CD" thing. How were you supposed to make a mixed tape with them there things? Ahhhhh, mixed tapes. No one has matched your awesomeness.

- I'm hungry


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