Saturday, 7 November 2009

A Plea

Please, please, please! If you ride your bike and you're out past daylight (as in, after 4pm these days) PLEASE make yourself visible.

Last night, I saw a biker get nearly hit by a driver who was turning. It was the scariest thing, but luckily the driver was able to slam on his breaks in time and no one was hit.

I glanced over at the biker as I drove past him, my heart hammering in my chest, he was utterly invisible. No headlamp, no reflective jacket, nothing. He was just a pocket of black hurtling down the street in the dark.

Please, if you bike, or know someone who bikes, even if it's just around the corner, make yourself a glowing ball of visibility. Go overboard. You WANT to be seen.

Anything else is just too dangerous for everyone.


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