Saturday, 26 March 2011


C-Dawg and I had an interesting conversation the other night where we both discovered we were both more used to being wingmen than whatever the opposite of wingman is. (Center of attention?)

We'd both gone through highschool and University with girlfriends who were hotter than us. My dear friend M was a tall, gorgeous blonde who'd literally turn heads when we walked in a room. I love her dearly because she never knew it and I'm still not sure she does. But when M and I would be out and about I was the friend next to her that was rarely noticed and I used to sit and laugh as drunken guys would fall over themselves trying to talk to her.

C-Dawg had a similar experience and we were talking about the fact that we're used to not being the pretty one or the one that gets all the attention.

So imagine our surprise when we were out the other night and the waitress brought us both a drink that had been bought for us by "that gentleman there at the bar."

We kind of looked at each other like "Us? Seriously?" because we were both used to someone ELSE getting the attention.

We each assumed the guy was interested in the other and it got us to talking. What happens when two girls who are used to being the less pretty one get together?

Neither of us are scene stealers or attention getters and I would guess if pressed, each of us would say we think the other one is prettier. (These thoughts can turn into habits you see.)

Personally, I think it makes things awesome.

We're both in the habit of being a wingman so we're each other's wingman at the same time!

Wait, that maybe only makes sense in my head.

Now, the fact that the gentleman who bought us drinks (for which we nodded a polite thank you) proceeded to stare at us for the next hour and a half (no I'm not kidding) turned fully around on his bar stool with his legs wide open in a way that would have seemed completely hilarious to you if you'd been there was a little awkward.

We'd been half watching the hockey game on the tv above his head and at one point my team missed and I kind of threw my hand up in despair and C-Dawg mumbled "you know it looks like you're waving right?" and I panicked and proceeded to do the hand throwing thing as if I was an Italian man discussing pasta and politics made it even more hilarious.

The fact that C-Dawg had driven us and wasn't going to have a second beer but didn't want to not drink it and seem rude and so therefore swapped it with a guy sitting at the next table who had an almost empty beer when the guy at the bar went to the bathroom made it nearly hysterical.

So here's what I say. . . wingmen may not get heads turned when they walk in a room, but I'm starting to think they have more fun.


Blogger Jonathan said...

I love your blog - you can't make this stuff up :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011 8:08:00 am  
Blogger Victoria said...

No, no you can't! ;)

Saturday, March 26, 2011 8:47:00 am  

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