Saturday, 16 April 2011


Now *that* was quite a week.

I got absolutely blasted by work (not that I talk about work but seriously, dude) and came home every night utterly exhausted but couldn't quite get the sleeps I needed to feel rested.

I had some very intense dreams, one where C-Dawg and I were on this awesome, crazy 10K run through forests and down these deadly hills over roots and puddles and along beaches and it was an amazing run/race but so not restful. I had another one where I had the opportunity to go take photos in Paris but I was the only person who didn't know to wear a disguise so the whole dream was stressful and I missed out on good photos. Did you know Paris is entirely black and white? (I don't remember that from last time I was there but dreams don't lie.)

I also had some great, hilarious moments and a couple of good runs with C-Dawg (yay!) and some things click fortunately into place.

Like the time I went to buy new sweat pants, (didn't really need new sweat pants, but, and this is the truth, wanted an extra pair to keep at C-Dawg's so I can always be super comfy and relaxed over there) and found out that starting five minutes after I got there the store was having a surprise half off sale on the very sweat pants I was willing to pay full price for and it was very YAY!

I'm really looking forward to a restful day today and then a night out with C-Dawg.

Both are very much deserved after this week.

Hope your Saturday and your weekend are both deliciously awesome and relaxing too!


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