Friday, 17 June 2011

Responsibleness Sucks

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Drinking's no fun anymore now that I'm all grown up.

Well, no, that's not quite true, it's more that excessive, over the top drinking's no fun anymore now that I'm all grown up.

Nevermind that my body now takes much much longer to get over a hangover, I can handle that. I know when to drink water and not to go to sleep still tipsy, so it's not that.

It's that I can't just to out and have fun without consequences anymore.

Case in point, last weekend, C-Dawg and I went out for a fun evening and there was some imbibing involved. (Of pop of course Mom! Ahem.)

Later into the evening, we met up with her new boyfriend and one of his friends.

I already knew that this friend wasn't single, so there wasn't that potential there, but he was friendly and cute and he smelled just like one of my exes. And that, more than anything, stirred up some flirting in me.

But in the back of my mind was always that thought of "he has a girlfriend" and I found myself having to pull back at points where I knew I wouldn't be happy if I was his girlfriend and he was doing this or saying that.

Now, I've never been the kind of girl to go after a guy who's not single, but still. I felt like my grown up self wouldn't even let me have fun.

It's also no fun when you're in the middle of enjoying some slightly edgy conversation and the guy's friend pointedly says "so, is SHE coming out tonight?" Because, yeah, I already knew this wasn't going anywhere, I didn't need the reminder.

I wanted to flirt more, I did. Maybe I wanted to feel attractive and to know that someone out there liked me, or maybe it was just some wicked fun. Whatever the case, it's a bummer to be mature.


Blogger Little Miss Me said...

And this is the reason I hope I never grow up to be a proper adult...

The times my grown up self does tell me that something is a bad idea I have such a shit night! I hate morals sometimes, but luckily I can normally counteract them with more vodka!

I usually have an outlook of "what the hell!" you only live once right? If I get into trouble or do something silly well then that's just another story to tell when I want to prove to my grandkids how cool I used to be while they shudder with embarrassment!

Saturday, June 18, 2011 1:57:00 pm  
Blogger Victoria said...


Saturday, June 18, 2011 4:16:00 pm  

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