Tuesday, 19 July 2011

In Which I Say "Which" A Lot

Hanging Trees Make Me Think Of Louisiana by foundimagination
This blog is nothing if not therapeutic for me. See, things will rumble around in my brain bothering me for a while and then when they get to a point where I can't stand it any more I throw it out here and then that serves the dual purpose of having it out of my head and allowing me to think about it, but in a clearer way.

So while I'm certainly not done talking about my food and weight concerns yet, it has helped to talk about it a bit.

But that's not what this post is about, actually. This post is about books.

Not about how very much I love them, because that would just be a post filled with the word very repeated a hundred thousand times, but about my most excellent book dilemma.

I just finished a great series I became rather obsessed with; the Tomorrow Series. If you want to know just how obsessed I became, let me tell you what I did when I found out that you couldn't get three of the seven books in North America.

I asked my friend's parents who were travelling to Australia if they'd mind going to a bookstore there to pick me up the other three!

Which they did.

Which meant I could read the series one book after another and then follow up with the spin off series.

Which I did.

So I finished up that series and went through another book (Mr.Popper's Penguins, which I read for C-Dawg because she looked at me really funny when I told her I'd never read it.) And now I'm in the middle of reading something else that I'm quite enjoying, but am also wishing I wasn't enjoying so that I could skip it and get to the main course.

Which I think..... is going to be Divergent.

Linda (Sundry) posted about Divergent and I always love her post-apocalyptic recommendations so I figured I'd pick it up.

Funny thing though. When I picked up the book, every single salesperson who saw me with it told me how awesome the book is.

"Better than Hunger Games!" one said, to which I raised a suspicious eyebrow.

So you'd think that'd be my next read, right?

Except that I just recently watched the entire delicious first series of Game of Thrones and ordered the book and it just arrived, so now I have these two big juicy thick books I'm waiting to read and I don't know where to start or how to wait!

My thinking is that since both of them are bigger books, but I'm imagining Divergent will be slightly less dense since it's aimed at a youth audience primarily, I'll start with it and, from what I've heard, I won't be able to put it down and so will get through it fairly quickly.

And then I can go to Game of Thrones.

Except, I'm wondering if it's maybe more of a fall/winter read.

Oh, how I love that books can cause me such delightful torment.

I love me some books.

Very very very very very very much.


Stephanie Hunter said...

I'm going to school online, which is difficult enough, but when you enjoy reading it makes it even harder because if you read, that means homework isn't getting done! Now you've given me the names of some new books, sigh, which I might have to read. Have you ever read The Thirteenth Tale? I love it. Every time I read it I am always sad when it's over.

Single and Picky said...

I LOVE the Tomorrow Series!!!! I remember staking out the library waiting for the next book to come in and waiting and waiting. I did actually order the last copy direct from Australia because I could not wait a year for it come here. Did you know there is a movie version of the first book - and it's actually pretty good - you have to get a bootleg version of the Interwebs though.

You know you are the only other person I know of who has even heard of the series.

Single and Picky said...

You know you've inspired me to re-read the series. I just ordered the first two online and the Ellie Chronicles (which I didn't even know about - gah).

DeNiSe said...

How do I subscribe to your posts? There's no RSS/feeds link :/

Victoria said...

Ooop, sorry Stephanie! (And Thirteenth Tale is in my pile of yet to be read books) :)

I actually found the books through the movie SnP which a friend randomly found online and recommended to me! :) Excelllllllllent that you're going to re-read them. Yay!

Yikes DeNiSe, good thing you asked. I don't know much about these things but I did something...is it working again now? *crosses fingers*

Kas said...


I wish I had more time to read, but-- well, maybe I do, but I've kind of fallen off the reading train too.

I used to be able to devour books in a single sitting and would buy up WHOLE sections of Authors. Then I had kids.

Victoria said...

I read in bed at night a lot. Helps that I'm single and don't have kids :)

Kas said...

I try to read at lunch abd before work, but...

Victoria said...


Knuth said...

If you love books, you should watch "Black Books", the main protagonist really loves books, too.

Victoria said...

Black Books? Cool, thanks for the tip!