Tuesday, 22 November 2011

No Spoilers

Beyond-ness by foundimagination
So Book Three.

I'm reading it.

Ok, technically I'm just a few pages away from having read it, but still.

And one of my favourite things about this series is that no one has ruined it for me. When I go to buy the books, or when someone sees I'm reading them they don't say anything other than "Are you enjoying them? Aren't they great?" or something along those lines.

Occasionally, someone will say "Just wait!" and since I've already seen the first tv season and read the first book, I know that Mr Martin isn't afraid of twists that aren't necessarily expected and I wonder what it is that person is telling me to wait and read.

But, I didn't expect, mid-way through book three, to find myself swearing and throwing the book down.

Because (for those who've read it, you'll know what I mean) COME ON!

I can't believe I swore at a book. Or maybe, I can't believe a book made me swear.


Unknown said...

I did the exact same thing with the book. Took me another two months (and someone else reading it in between) for me to pick it up again.

This series is the first one EVER (and I've been reading since I was 4) that I've stopped reading, sworn at and gotten really, really mad at. I'm not even watching the series.

Victoria said...

Dude. Seriously! ;)

But, no, the tv series was awesome. And beautiful. I think it's worth reading. So far they've only done the first book, so not too much swearing!