Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Oh George

Back in the day (you know, way back three months ago) when I game late to the Game of Thrones party, I was hoping to enjoy the book as much as I had enjoyed the tv series.

And I did, so I decided to go ahead and read the second book in the series. (I'd debated waiting until the second season came out to watch it first, but decided to go ahead and read it anyway.)

And I enjoyed it just as much!

Which lead me to my next big dilemma.

See, I know that as it stands, there are five books in the series, the fifth having just come out after what fans said was a "very long wait."

We all know I love books and reading. (If you don't know this, you may have been asleep under a rock and that's ok too...welcome back to the rest of the world rock-dweller.) And I think I've talked before about how sad I get when I finish a series because I don't get to hang out with the characters anymore.

So when I finished book two, I told myself that I'd wait a while before starting the third book so that reading the series would last longer and I'd have more time with these characters and their stories.

I hadn't even ordered the book yet, so I picked out another book to start and that was that.

Except that I kept wishing I was reading book three.

Not to say I didn't enjoy the other book I was reading, but I decided I'd just pop into the local book store at some point soon to pick up the third book so it was ready for me.

And then I caved. I went for lunch with a co-spy and next door to where we were eating was a bookstore.

"I...uh...just have to go next door for a minute" I mumbled, sneaking out from our lunch. I high tailed it into the book store where I saw the glorious display of George RR Martin books waiting for me, grabbed the third, paid for it and opened it up as I headed out the door.

I did make myself finish the book I'd started mind you. Went to bed early one night and read it pretty much straight through in a few hours.

Wouldn't let myself start the new one til the next night.

Found myself going to bed early again that night too, strangely enough.

So while I will try again after the third book to wait before reading the fourth book, I'm not sure I'll be any more successful than I was this time.

Oh George, you've taken away my will-power, darn you and your stories that leave me just having to find out what happens next!

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