Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Remembrance by foundimagination
OK, yesterday was me putting on a brave face. I'm having a rough time with this move.

I was told that things would be ready for me to move in last week, so I moved this weekend. And things weren't ready.

Things weren't ready even the morning of my move, and then the storage company hadn't dropped off my items and I hadn't wanted to do things that way but that's how it all happened and all of a sudden I was making calls to try to arrange things someone else should have taken care of.

When the movers showed up, there were still two tradesmen working on my place, the third just having finished the kitchen. So all I could do was have the movers just kind of pile everything into the middle of one room, or the corner of another. And when that was done, I just went back to Mom and Dad's and called it a day.

Sunday, I went back to try to attack things and spent an hour and a half putting together my bed.

It's not a bed that should be put together by one person.

But I didn't have any choice.

And then I tried to dust. Which was probably a mistake. In retrospect, I should have vacuumed instead of dusting. There was drywall dust and kitchen cabinet sawdust and even though the place had been "cleaned", it was awful, and my dusting just got it all over everything.


Then I tried to move the furniture closer to where it would end up and then I bashed my head against a new cabinet and had to sit on hold to try to fix my internet and discovered a bunch of things still not fixed/finished and it all just became too much and I went back to my parents' place and broke down.

I don't have anyone to help me with this.

My parents have offered to help, of course they have, but I don't want them to. They shouldn't have to, they should just focus on their health and my Dad's continuing recovery.

And I didn't feel like I could call up my friends last minute and ask them to come help me move things or unpack and I didn't know who'd be able to help anyway. My friends are pregnant, or already parents of young kids, or busy with their own life crises and so I'm having to do all this very much on my own. Which gets tiring quickly.

So my home is not my home and while I'm lucky lucky lucky to have my parents' place to retreat to, I don't know how I'm going to get things settled and fixed and ok.

I'm having a rough time right now and I'm exhausted and sore to top it all off.

Send me some hugs/love would you?


Likalia said...

Oh dear that is no fun at all. :(
I hope things start to sort themselves out soon, so you can be back to sitting on your sofa with a lovely warm mug of hot chocolate/tea/coffee and feel settled and at home again. *hugs*

Just Sayin... said...

I'll hop on the ferry late Friday if you want, call some friends on that side and have it all come together if you want. Just give the okay, and I'll see what I can do. Or I can just call friends on that side and send them to you. :) My friends are pretty cool like that.

Good thing to look at about all this. Without the help of others, you're 100% capable of doing this yourself. Tears and independance. Just imagine how great you're going to feel knowing you did it all yourself.

Have the tears,many of them, then get mad at the whole thing. Get'er done! If not, call me, and I'll send in the troops.

You Can Do It!! woot woot!!!

Stephanie Hunter said...

Lots of love coming your way! *hug*
It IS going to get better.

Just Sayin... said...

I have a g/f on the Island ready to help you this weekend.
Send me your ph# in a private email and I'll connect the two of you.

I'm sending you a pm soon.

Just Saying

Dominic said...

The house I live in is up for sale, so it's supposed to be in showroom condition for the prospective visitors.

What with all the bruises and broken bones, this has become more of a chore recently. So I know how you feel.

You could try the solution advocated by Bob the Dinosaur for difficult problems: We stomp them to bits and evolve into birds that don't care

Allan R E said...


p.s. I'm very handy with the tools and am good at putting things together!

p.p.s. I'm not so much with the dusting.


Solitary Diner (Also Known as The Frugalish Physician) said...

Big Hug. And depending on the situation, give some serious consideration to having your family help with the move. My parents have helped with all of my moves, and I think it's been a positive thing for all of us. They don't need to do anything major - maybe a bit of unpacking or cleaning, or even just being that second person to help assemble a bed - but sometimes it's nice to just have that second or third person around.

(Just my unsolicited ass-vice.)

Duff said...

Keep going! The hardest part always comes just before the nice bit (a house to yourself)


Victoria said...

Thanks Likalia, I hope so too :(

Thanks, JS, that means a lot! You're awesome ;)

Thanks Stephanie :)

Oh Dominic, that's no fun at all. I think I'm going to go with Bob's advice. Stomping sounds perfect.

Thanks Allan :)

I will SD, I just don't want them to tire themselves out or anything, but yeah, helping might be a nice thing for them.

True enough,Duff :)

Jane said...

"And I didn't feel like I could call up my friends last minute and ask them to come help me move things or unpack and I didn't know who'd be able to help anyway. My friends are pregnant, or already parents of young kids, or busy with their own life crises and so I'm having to do all this very much on my own. Which gets tiring quickly."

Sending some heartfelt hugs and love even though it's past, wish I'd stumbled on your blog earlier. It's so very hard, to have no one you can call without feeling like you're imposing on their own very busy, married, family lives. I so hear you, Victoria - when I moved from Vancouver down here to California I thought I could do all the packing up myself. I had to be out of my place by a certain day, pack everything in my car and spend the night at my sister's before heading out. And it got so late and I realized I was in over my head. I called my best friend. She had to go - the kids needed her - she never mentioned sending her husband over and I couldn't bring myself to ask. My sister was busy, her husband had a bad back - no one. I ended up crashing at an old coworkers house who didn't have kids and left before morning. It was the saddest sendoff I could have imagined.

Sorry for the book - just wanted you to know you're not alone and even some of us now married ones still totally get where you're coming from and what you're going through. It's in the honesty and the openness of your heart that you find out you're really not alone. But it doesn't make it any easier where you're going through it. It does get better, though, I promise you. :-)

Victoria said...

That really did help to hear Jane. Made me sad for the both of us, but yeah. Hugs :)