Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Plus Ça Change

Last December, my best friend was visiting, with her husband, from across the country where they'd moved.

This December, they're no longer married, she's living back here where she belongs, and she's in a solid new relationship.

Last December, I was single. This December, I'm single.

It's funny how one person can go through so much change while another maintains the status quo.

In some ways, I could see it as hopeful and inspiring. I mean, this time last year no one would never have predicted my friend spending Christmas day with a new boyfriend, so maybe next year I'll be the one introducing a new guy to my family, who knows.

But, of course, there's that part of me that says that this is just further proof that I'm not meant to be with anyone, that I'm not going to find anyone and that I really should just stop looking forward to what isn't going to happen anyway.

It feels like I'm always battling the be hopeful/be realistic/be bitter/stop caring relationship battle with myself.

And today, I'm choosing to see my friend's relationship as a sign that anything can happen. Even wonderful, happy things you can't see coming.