Thursday, 15 December 2011


Cross.  Light. by foundimagination
One of the reasons I think I'm feeling so unsettled here, back in my apartment, is the constant flow of tradesmen and workers in and around the building.

Like, the door's always propped open out back, and there are trucks in the parking lot and so much noise.

Hammer this saw that, I don't even know what all they're doing, I just know it's disturbing and not like home.

There are people in and around the hallways and building and I know they're in a rush to finish the other apartments so they can rent them too, but it's really unsettling. It's always been such a quiet place and now there's people everywhere it seems.

I've been told it's not much longer, and I've been told that things will settle, but I feel like I don't know if that's just something the owners keep saying or if it'll actually happen.

Like, maybe before the 25th of this month say?

So it's just a lot more unsettled than I'd expected. Or maybe hoped. Because I figured things wouldn't be done yet, I just didn't know it would be quite this....un-quiet.


Jules said...

eek! hope it settles down for you! there's nothing worse than having scary strangers in/around your house when all you want is quiet!!!

Victoria said...

Thanks Jules... me too! (I know, right?)