Friday, 16 December 2011


You guys?

I just dropped my advent calendar chocolate on the floor and I can't find it.

Like, I heard it drop, but it's nowhere to be found. And, yes, I crawled around a little looking for it, of course I did.

So now I have to go to work and I don't know where my advent calendar chocolate went and I think maybe the elves took it or something.



Miz Aventures said...

You deserve to treat yourself to a full size candy bar for that mess up! Normally, I would talk about the 7-second rule - but I won't tell anyone, or judge, if you do find it tonight, blow the germs off of it and eat it.

"Julie" said...

that is very strange indeed...though it's happened to me several times and it's always somewhere i totally never would have thought! hope you find it!

Just Sayin... said...

Hahahahahah omg what is it with your little adventures lately that are making my mornings?

Not in a malicious way. It's more, "I've been there", of course you got on your knees and looked for the chocoloate!!! Who in their right mind wouldn't? It's chocolate damn it!

Victoria said...

Miz A? I looked, couldn't find it :( Should probably just, as you said, eat more chocolate instead! ;)

I'll keep looking Julie :)

Love that I'm giving you the giggles JS :D And, yes, of COURSE I did! ;)

Allan R E said...

Maybe whatever bit you, took it! LOL



Victoria said...

Oh no! ;)