Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Online Thing

I think, really, I'm only going to keep a profile on an online dating site for my own amusement.

Well, "amusement" is not really the right word. More for the novelty and "I'm bored, I should go check out some profiles"-ness of it than anything else.

I do not enjoy the process of cold meeting someone, and the times I've done it, other than Chad, it hasn't ever gone anywhere. And even that didn't go anywhere.

I suppose, in real life, dating's like that anyway, you throw more back than you catch, but I've never been the dating type.

I meet a guy (party, social event, friend's place, etc.) and we connect and we go out and we're together.

Sure, still sometimes I meet a guy (party, social event, friend's place, etc.) and we connect and go out and it doesn't work out but more often than not it has. For me.

I could get all mathematical and do charts and analyze all the factors/whatevers, but really I think I can say that online dating does not work for me. I don't meet the right guys and even when I do meet guys, my game's thrown off and I'm not myself because it's such an artificial way to do it.

The unfortunate thing about this decision, is that I still don't meet guys in my day to day life.

Spy caves are, oddly enough, inhabited by very very few single men. And there are none in my spy cave. And I don't go anywhere else on a regular enough basis and my friends have run out of single guys to introduce me to.

So I guess I'm just going to have to keep hoping for the best real life can throw at me and I'll just go for there.

I'm not going to be one of those "we met on line!" success stories even though everyone knows someone who is.

It's not going to be me and I'm ok with that.


Bad.Days said...

Once again, you're not alone.

I gave up my profile back in October for all the reasons you listed. And to be fair to the guys in our stories, in the cold meet up situation I suspect they aren't getting to be their real selves either. It's just too awkward and contrived.

I've still got my hopeful single-girl fingers crossed for Mr. Right just falling onto the couch next to me one night while I watch TV ;)

Jonathan said...

I think your view of "meet, go out, are together" is how most people are. It's only the "dating maniacs" that think differently.

You know, you could always move to Europe, where the whole idea of "dating" is completely alien to us. We meet people, we see them again, and it all leads from there... it seems so much more relaxed and accidental.

Dateafrenchman said...

Ha, ha, are you kidding Jonathan? I am in Europe and it is in no way easier. Complete nightmare more like. Trying to date a Frenchman is like trying to teach a fish how to walk.

Victoria said...

Bad.Days, that's a really good point, the guys might not be at their best either. And? I'm going to go sit on my couch right now and wait for that Mr Right falling out of the sky bit! Love it! ;)

Glad to hear most people are that way Jonathan... tv keeps telling me otherwise! :)

Datea, I'm sitting here giggling at the thought of watching you patiently trying to teach a fish how to walk! You're killing me!

Dateafrenchman said...

If only those damn fish would listen already :)

Victoria said...

If only! ;)

Anonymous said...

I made my very first online dating profile and I can atest that it is soooo entertaining.. I have literally lol'd reading some if the profiles and messages.. I highly recommend it if for nothing less than a good healthy laugh. But hey, you never know whos out there!

Victoria said...

Some of them really do make you scratch your heads over what they've said ;)