Thursday, 5 January 2012

Relatively Speaking

To Be Safe by foundimagination
Man that title's cheesy, but, hey, when the brain's not working, the brain's not working, so let's just be happy there's anything up there at all.

I was watching The Wire this weekend (it's one of a few shows that people kept insisting I try and even though I'd tried it already and not liked it, I tried again) and in the second season there's this whole side to the story that involves a guy and his cousin and how close they are.

They're like brothers, really.

But I wouldn't know.

I didn't grow up with cousins around. Or Aunts or Uncles or Grandparents for that matter, so I don't know what it's like to have cousins.

Most people seem to like it, and some people, like in the show, love their cousins and are very close with them.

I've met my cousins (or most of them at least) but I don't know them and didn't grow up with them. So, since tv's the only thing I have to go on right now, I'm asking you instead.

What's it like growing up with cousins? And all that kind of extended family? What did I miss out on?


Just Sayin... said...

I have a large family.I'm the youngest of 6. However, not only did I grow up the youngest, I also grew up as an only child, due to the large age differences.

I'm closer to one of my neices that I am my siblings. We're like sisters. My cousins (1st, 2nd, and 3rd), Aunts, Uncles,etc all live back wast, but we're close by phone and HAND WRITTEN letters.

I love my siblings, although I don't much like them. They're jerks most of the time.

I see friends who have a bond with siblings and cousins, and honestly, I'm jealous.

Jonathan said...

I grew up as part of a large family, most of which lived close by. There were probably about 8 of us of similar ages - the children of the same generation above us.

I can only reflect as a child - we always seemed to have family visiting at weekends, and so always had our cousins out playing as well as the kids in the street.

Into adulthood, only a couple of us have stayed in close contact - and even then it's online - we don't see each other very often at all.

I haven't seen my brother since a family wedding over two years ago.

Victoria said...

That is a large family JS... and I love that you're writing real live letters!

That's cool to have extra playmates Jonathan, and interesting to hear that you haven't seen your brother in a while. I guess I just assume everyone's always close with their siblings. Whatever works I guess, eh?