Monday, 16 January 2012

A Really Great Weekend

The Evening Dawns by foundimagination
In no particular order, this weekend was great because of

-very delicious Cosmos
-laughter, the keeling over wheezing kind
-spending almost all day in pyjamas recovering from very delicious Cosmos
-feeling like there was somehow an extra day thrown in there
-encouraging my neighbour through being 8.95 months pregnant and wanting to have this baby today even though the baby seems quite content to hang out for a few more days
-a surprisingly good live band that kept covering great songs
-walking home in the wet snow late-ish, knowing I could sleep in the next day
-sleeping in just enough to feel decadent

And in a "you can't enjoy the sunshine without the rain" kind of way, I suppose it's fair that I have to go back to work today so I can look forward to another weekend in five more days.

Plus, there's more snow in the forecast for this week, so that's always pretty. (And awesome!)


Haco said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend :-)

Victoria said...

It was!