Monday, 20 February 2012

Close Encounters of the Chad Kind

I was in the grocery store later than usual last weekend on my way home from the gym.

(I tell you this, so you can envision me with my glasses on (because it was dark out and I need them to see when I'm driving in the dark) and my hair pulled back and my gym clothes on. Not my best look really.)

It was the weekend before Valentine's Day so the store was very pink and as I was scrolling my mind through my grocery list, I stopped at the strawberries to find a good box.

And, glancing over, I saw Chad. Just casually going through the boxes of strawberries too.

And I wanted to run far far away.

Which.... there are a few ex-boyfriends (not that I can really call him an ex boyfriend but still) that I'd not want to talk to if I ran into them in the grocery store, but most of them I'd say hi to, and a couple I'd really want to catch up with.

Apparently not Chad.

My brain's thought was that he was buying strawberries to make chocolate covered strawberries for his new girlfriend for Valentine's day and that just set me off down an imaginary road.

I know some of you might say that I should have just said hi. That maybe if I'd said hi he'd be so happy to see me and he'd tell me how he regretted letting me go and we'd get back on track and blah blah blah, but I disagree.

If he'd regretted letting me go, he would have remedied that at some point in the last six months. The reality is that yes, he probably has moved on, and yes, he probably has gotten over his fear of "being in a relationship" or whatever it was.

So maybe he was buying strawberries as a treat for his girlfriend on Valentine's day, maybe he was just buying them because they were a pretty good deal and who doesn't like strawberries.

But, yeah. I nearly ran into Chad in the grocery store and I really really didn't want to talk to him.

Go figure.


Jonathan said...

I tend to run away from all conversations with everybody. Not just people I used to know. So don't feel too bad :)

The Ex Student said...

I volunteer at a food bank, and after one particularly gruelling day of lifting cases of food, one of which decided to explode all over me, I stopped on the way home to pick up a Sub AND of course looking like a hobo, I ran into my ex. Who was with his immaculate new gf. Ya it sucks. This happens to us all.

Victoria said...

I do that too sometimes Jonathan :)

Ugh, that would not have been fun The Ex!

Ashley said...

I want to share this with you as it refers to making assumptions about what someone else is thinking or doing... it causes unnecessary stress. Be kind to yourself and allow your self a break from the thoughts that send you into a land of what ifs... its rarely ever worth it.
Keep your head up :)

Victoria said...

Thanks Ashley...definitely something I'm working on :)

Just a Girl said...

Lol. Love your imagination. I totally do that too. In fact, it's kind of a problem because sometimes I have the ability to get my self perfectly upset over a completely fictional scenario. :P

Victoria said...

I hear ya! ;)

michelle said...

I just wanted to say I am not sure how I came across your blog but it is wonderful! I had my own version of CHAD recently - met on a dating site - was fully INTO me for 9 months before he informed me - I am not ready for a relationship. I told him at 9 months he was in a relationship - remember we talked it about SEVERAL TIMES!? Anyway yeah I get it all the stuff - all the emotions, I had that too. But somehow you write about it all way cooler than I do!

Victoria said...

I'm glad you found the blog Michelle :)

And, I'm sorry about the lame lame lame 9 month "Chad" thing. That would be awful!