Monday, 26 March 2012


It was gloriously, gorgeously sunny this weekend, and on Saturday a friend and I walked down to the beach and sat for an hour talking about where on earth we're supposed to meet our next boyfriends and work and cooking (or how we both don't really know how) and great tv shows.

I got home and found a collection of new freckles over my nose and cheeks; it's my yearly reminder that sunscreen is important and it's a month or so earlier than usual for that to have happened. But what a lovely reminder it was.

There's something I love so much about how my skin smells after time at the beach in the sun. Even if I had to wear long pants and a wool coat to keep warm. It's just so awesome to be able to sit there, basking away without a care in the world.

I felt it that evening, of course, lying, overheating on my couch, but even that's a treat after just last week, cuddling under my blanket as it snowed and hailed.

I love watching Spring rolling in, and this weekend was the first in what I hope is a lot of really awesomely weathered weekends this year.


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