Tuesday, 27 March 2012


So, Steve...

Steve being the name I have decided to give the co-worker's husband's co-worker that I may one day meet if all the stars align and I decided to give him this name because I've just recently fallen in love with Shameless and who wouldn't want to be Fiona and Steve, at least for the first little while and did you say all this in one breath because I typed it all in one. (But seriously, I love this show. How is everyone not raving about its awesomeness?)

Um, sorry, I distracted myself there on the Shameless site watching clips and previews and what was I talking about?

Right, Steve.

So if when I get to meet Steve, a few things can happen.

1. We can very obviously hit it off and get along and plan to go on another date.

2. We can all have a nice evening and then Steve and I report back to our respective co-workers that we both seemed like nice people and then Steve gets my phone number and calls me.

3. The evening is nice and fun but I have no idea what I think about Steve and don't know what to do next.

4. We get along politely but then one or both of us decides we're not interested enough to follow up.

5. We don't hit it off and it's ok and we'll all just move on with our lives.

6. It's awkward and uncomfortable and I corner my co-worker in the kitchen and talk strategically about how to smuggle me out the back door.

7. Some variation of us getting along and then trying to date and who knows, really and yeah.

Or maybe it's as simple as

1. There's an attraction

2. There's really NOT an attraction

3. There's the possibility of an attraction

But, yeah. In some ways, it's more fun to wonder about what he's like and if we'd hit it off, because if when we do meet, things will be whatever it is they're going to be and there'll be no more room for wondering and hoping and daydreaming.

And while I know wondering and hoping and daydreaming can be dangerous due to their ability to set me up for a big disappointment (and so yes, I've been trying to keep them to a minimum) they're still part of who I am and how I function. I can't make 'em un-be.

Anyway. If Until I meet this guy and find out what happens, I will not know. Ain't that the kicker of life?

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