Thursday, 15 March 2012

DST Can Bite Me

And Miles To Go Before I Sleep by foundimagination
Yup, the time change got to me.

Oh, I did fine the first couple of days; getting up "early" on Sunday and being all proud of myself because it was actually really early because 8am was really 7am and look at me, I'm going to beat this thing!

But by Tuesday, I was all confused. I was super tired when I attempted to get up at the supposedly regular but not really regular time, and I wasn't hungry by lunch even though I'd been starving by eleven the day before. And then suddenly it was 7:30pm and I hadn't had dinner yet and then I was trying to fall asleep at 11:30 but my legs wouldn't relax and it took me a while to turn over and then it's dark again in the mornings and man oh man, does anyone make it through the time change unscathed?

From what I can tell, none of us like it, and none of us particularly want it (except perhaps when it's late in the evening and the sky's not quite completely dark) and I don't know why we keep doing it and seriously, it's an entire hour's difference. It's jet lag without the added fun of a vacation!

So here's to feeling hungover all week while still being unable to get the time straight and waiting for our bodies to adjust to how things are going to be for the next few months before we do this all over again and I start complaining about how short the days are.


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