Wednesday, 14 March 2012

This Is Either Me Growing Up, Or Becoming More Jaded

But this friend of my friend that I'm going to meet (or the next guy, for that matter) isn't going to be perfect.

He isn't going to be all the things I dream of, secretly and outloud, in a boyfriend/potential husband.

He can't possibly be the exact combination of things I imagine my guy being and so I'm trying not to be disappointed by that before even meeting him. Or someone.

If I had to, I could probably write a list a mile long of the traits I'd like in my future life partner type fellow, but I think I've either lost or given up the idea that that list is actually fair or can be matched to a real, life, not made for tv person.

This guy can't possibly be perfect, and I think it's the first time I've known that *before* meeting someone, and I'm not sure what that sets me up for.


Yamuna said...

Yes, go with no expectations! (Or better yet, very low ones. It's always nice to be pleasantly surprised)
The guy you eventually end up with could lack a lot of those traits and still be perfect for you!

Anonymous said...

Be forgiving or at least TOLERANT of his faults and quirks, so that he might forgive yours.

Victoria said...

That's a good thing to remember Yamuna, he could still be perfect for me ;)

Absolutely Anon!