Monday, 19 March 2012


Sometimes there are stories or thoughts in my head that want to come out, but the idea of sitting and typing/writing them out seems somehow overwhelming so I put it off and put it off.

Kind of similarly, I know how much better I'll feel mentally and physically after I go to the gym but the idea of going and having to do all that work seems overwhelming so I sometimes put it off.

There's often a lot of back and forth "talking" that goes on in my brain. "I should go to the gym." "But I don't want to." "But I'll feel better after." "But I feel fine now." "But I haven't gone in a few days." "But I want to watch just one more episode and it's so comfy lying on the couch." "But I only have so much time." "But really is it worth the effort when it'll probably be busy right now." And usually after a few days of the lazier of the two voices winning on whatever argument I'm having with myself, I get annoyed or frustrated or extra blah and I do something about whatever it is I wanted/didn't want to do.

Like, really, this post. This is a perfectly nonsensical and unnecessary post but it's gotten me back in the mojo or flow or whatever it is that I didn't have over the last few days when those stories and thoughts were just sitting there in my head knocking at the walls trying to get told. Imma trying to say something here, I gots me some stories to tell, but I'm a little bit busy having what appears to be a civil argument with myself. In my brain. About a lot of things.

How was your weekend?

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