Saturday, 18 August 2012


I Say Stick With The Neutrals by foundimagination
Well, gosh, didn't my little temper tantrum make me look silly when I ended up with a whole bunch of questions to answer in the end?

So here goes!

Elliott asked:
1) if not the Canucks, then who?
Calgary Flames!

2) best road trip you've been on? (the family is currently on an epic summer roadtrip to DC...and having a blast)

We used to go camping (with my parents) every summer, sometimes up to Osoyoos, but often down to Coolee Dam (in Washington state) and I loved that! Glad you're having a fun trip too!

3) favourite Canadian band? (mine is the Hip, but also love the Guess Who, Neil Young, and Triumph)
The Hip, The Hip, The Hip for sure The Hip! (But yes, Neil Young and the Guess Who also rock, as do several others from that era)

And J.S. is wondering:
1. When are we going to meet? lol
Welllllll, maybe not ever because I hardly make it to the mainland these days and when I do I barely visit the people I should visit, but hey, you never know! I always imagine one day just randomly coming across each other and being like, Hey! It's you! :)

2. If you could have a superpower, which would it be?
I kind of want to fly, but maybe that's a waste of a superpower. I also think it would be cool to be able to speak every language, but again, that seems a bit of a waste because probably if I tried really really hard I could just... learn them? Does it have to be a superpower or can I have magic? Hmmm... how about I just keep it simple and stick with flight? Or, no, I know, the ability to do that mind warp thing apparently vampires do! (Wait, does that make me evil?)

3. If consequences never existed, what you would do/get away with?
I might sleep with a lot more people if I didn't have to think about physical/emotional/social consequences. And if we got rid of the consequence of people's feelings getting hurt, I might be a lot more frank/honest/straightforward in what I said. But in terms of sort of naughty/illegal stuff? Maybe I'd steal things like a new car or other really expensive things I don't really need but want. And I'd like to not show up for work but not get fired!

And Dominic asked:
1) The first word that came into your head upon reading this question was..?


2) Why do you use Safari?
I actually (strangely?) use three different browsers, but for different reasons, at different times. I use Safari because I do. But I also use Firefox and Chrome.

3) If you COULD take a useful instruction book onto a desert island, how long do you think it'd take you to build the boat etc and get back to civilisation?

Oh man... I guess I have to build the boat n stuff. Months I suppose? Cuz I'd have to cut down the trees and make it into the planks or whatever and that'd all take time, so... yeah, months? Three months? If I'm lucky? Oh, and then depending on where I was, another few weeks of sail time maybe? Or maybe I'd sail right into a boating channel and be rescued that very day!


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