Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Underneath It All by foundimagination
I was woken up early Saturday morning by a power outage.  Which, really is a strange thing to be woken up by, but my new, fancy dancy fire detection thing beeped a couple of times and that half woke me up and then one of the buildings near us started beeping what I'm guessing is its emergency "the power is out" beep and, well, once I glanced over and looked at the clock and realized it wasn't on, I was pretty excited to have a power outage.

I know, I'm weird that way, but I love power outages.

Except I'd never had one first thing in the morning before, and I lay in bed trying to figure out what I would do for breakfast.

I couldn't have an egg, so maybe I'd just have toast, no, no toaster, needs power.

Ok, well then I'd just have tea and wait, no, wait, the kettle won't have power either.  Well, I'll just use the stove to boil water then, uh, nope, no power.


I didn't want to open the fridge to get out milk or anything in case the power was out for a long time (we used to have wind storm power outages growing up and we learned not to open fridges or freezers if you could to help the food stay cold) so I ended up having an apple with peanut butter, which I thought was a pretty good compromise.

I was glad I'd charged my phone the night before so I used it to check the BC Hydro (our electric company) website and then I sat down with my book and read.  It was pretty nice, actually.

Apparently a bird "made contact with the wire" and knocked out power for a few thousand of us, but they had it back by 9ish that morning and all was well.

My fire alarm beeped again when the power came back on and my fridge and whatever else whirred back to life and the building next to us stopped the beeping that had driven me a little bit mad.  I was able to pee with the light on, which was a nice upgrade from earlier that morning, and I ended up being quite grateful for all the little things I use electricity for in the morning that I hadn't thought of before.

Shan't take it for granted any more, it's good stuff, that electricity!


Blogger Tom Natt said...

You need to keep some candles and a box of matches. You'll love power outages if it gives you a chance to fill your home with little flaming lights. Depending on how your hot water works in that part of the world, you could even end killing time with a candle-lit bath.

Alternately, you could get a small camping stoke and cook bacon and eggs on a small burner in your garden or nearby outdoor equivalent. You can pretend you're camping and if you go somewhere public you'll make lots of friends with people who also don't have electricity and also don't have the foresight to be prepared.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 3:46:00 am  
Blogger Victoria said...

I'm usually awesome with the candles, Tom, but it seemed weird on a bright, sunny morning ;)

I love the idea of the camping stove! Must find mine! :D Heh

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 5:22:00 pm  

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