Saturday, 3 November 2012

Bwoooop! Bwoooop! Bwoooop!

It Gets Dark So Early by foundimagination
That's the warning siren noise.

(In case you couldn't figure that out.)

(Although, I'm not sure why you wouldn't have figured that out, it seems pretty clear to me!)

(But then again, I'm currently the only one living in my head, so sometimes things make more sense to me than they do outside of my head.)

(And I really hope I'm only ever the only one living in my head.  There's enough going on in there without anyone else joining in than you very much.)

(But anywayyyyyy....)

It's the time change this weekend.

Like, tonight.  Even though it's technically tomorrow morning, it's still tonight in my books, but yeah.

Time change.

Unless you don't live here, in which case just ignore me because you probably had it already or aren't having it at all and it's just silly all round and you know how much I hate the short dark days so boooooooooo!  In general.

I'll turn the sirens off now, sorry if they woke you up.


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