Thursday, 15 November 2012

Saved By The Bell!

I Don't Know Why I Found This So Funny by foundimagination

I was sitting there last night not knowing how to say anything, feeling like whatever I did say at least one someone, possibly more, would be sitting there shaking their head in disappointment at my blah blah blah drivel yet again.

And then, out of the recesses of my brain, came a memory of seeing "daily writing prompts" (loosely based off a NaBloPoMo search I did a week or two ago) and thanks to the interwebs, I found them again.

So now I feel like I have some prompts for things I can write about until I no longer feel like I'm being watched and judged, and therefore stymied.

(It's funny, the last time I remember feeling like I couldn't freely write was when Smith and I broke up.  I knew he knew about the blog and didn't know if he was reading it, but in case he was, I didn't want to talk too freely about the breakup... I think I also felt a little stuck when I realized my brother was reading, but I've managed to forget that a little bit, if not completely.)  (Oh nuts, I just reminded myself didn't I?)

Ironically, this post is not prompted by a prompt.  Just by my "oh yay!" feeling of finding a way around the "I don't know what to say" feeling.

Ta da and woo hooo!


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